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Kimolos: island

Kimolos is a great destination
for having relaxed holidays and enjoying the nature,
the sun and the sea.
It is ideal for children,
lovers of walking and exploring,
those who like simple living. 

Kimolos island.Arrive at Kimolos

Greece, Aegean sea, Cyclades, Kimolos.

Kimolos is a nice island of the Western Cyclades, 38 square kilometers in extent, pentagonal shape and its higher peak climbs up to 364 meters.

Kimolos island - photomapThe coastline stretches for 40 km, forming many, sandy bays and dreamy, rocky coasts.
Kimolos is well known for the clear, blue sea, the amazing, full of life sea bottom, the quiet, golden bays and its traditional Cycladic architecture.
Nearby there are some islets.
The biggest one, Poliegos, 18 sq. km in extent, claims to be the island with the best conservation of the natural environment in the Aegean Sea. For this it is part of the European Program “Natura 2000”.
Kimolos has 750 inhabitants. Most of them live in the main settlement, “Chorio”.
Smaller settlements include Psathi (the port), Prassa, Aliki, Goupa and Karas.  

To λιμάνι της Κιμώλου - Ψάθη

Kimolos: Connection to Piraeus, Syros, Milos and other islands.

Kimolos is 86 naut. miles far from Piraeus Port and is connected to it four or five days a week by conventional or high speed ferries.
One can also reach Kimolos from other cycladic islands, two or three days a week.
An alternative route is Piraeus – Milos (by ship) or Athens – Milos (by plane) and then Milos - Kimolos by ferry (from Appolonia or Pollonia).


See ship timetables for Kimolos island.





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