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Kalamitsi beach, Kimolos, Greece, 840 04
+30 697 222 6789
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Kalamitsi is a quiet beach (in fact there are two beaches, one sandy and one with pebbles) facing the Kimolos – Milos channel, ideal for families with little children and people who want to rest.

You can stay here all day long, under the shadow of tamarisks, swimming and relaxing.

“Kalamitsi restaurant” is a plain looking place, by the sea, at Kalamitsi beach, where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner from 08:30 till 24:00.

We use own produced vegetables. You may come with us, early in the morning, so that we can pick them up together.

Fish and sea food from our fishing boat, local olive oil and pork meat are used in delicious Greek dishes.

You can also have coffee or traditional Greek spirits, like ouzo or tsipouro, accompanied by tasty bites (mezes).

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