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Panorama - Tavern – Steakhouse - Souvlaki Featured

Chorio - Castle, Kimolos, Greece, 84004
0030 2287051531
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Panorama is a restaurant with a wonderful, panoramic viewto Chorio and the sea, next to the Castle’s Pano Porta (Castle’s northern entrance) and the two churches of St. George and St. Nicolas.
The kitchen’s cook, Manolis, can prepare a range oftraditional dishes. All dishes are created using fresh ingredients, some of them directly from Manolis’ garden.

The menu includes:

  • Salads and boiled greens, Greeks salad with local cucumber and feta or xyno cheese, various appetizers and fresh French fries.
  • During the summer you can try boiled, green string beans, which are a special, local product.
  • You can try everyday meat casserole and vegetables in tomato sauce with olive oil.
  • You can taste sheep tripe in tomato sauce (local dish) and cock in tomato sauce.
  • Try the delicious roast meat products on the grill: veal and pork steak, hamburgers and sausages.
  • Big souvlaki with handmade pork gyros, pork meat, chicken or hamburger and homemade tzatziki or sauce.
  • Filling, tasty chicken – bacon “merida” (plate).
  • Manolis prepares tasty rabbit casserole with onions or rabbit in tomato sauce, by request. 

Since you’re in an island, you have to try sea dishes, such as octopus in wine sauce or on the grill, fried or roasted squid, etc.

Manolis can also prepare traditional “kakavia” (fish soup) and roast or fried, 
fresh fish, by request.

For desert, you can choose from a selection of ice cream, sweets or yoghurt with honey.

During summer, breakfast is available from 09.00am.

Panorama operates throughout the year, from 09.00am until after midnight.

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