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Sinantissi, Traditional café Featured

Chorio, Kimolos - Cyclades, 84004, Greece
+30 22870 51801
Sinantissi, Traditional café
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A new – old store, with fresh ideas and a taste of old times ....
"Sinantissi" ("Meeting") is based in a beautiful, stone building, next to St. George's church(17thcentury) which first operated as a cafe, from the present owners' great – grandfather. Maybe this is what connects the two periods, through bonds of quality and convenience.

"Sinantissi" has a beautiful salon, an even more beautiful terrace and a picturesque alley, where you can have:

This is the true feeling of a traditional Greek cafe, a feeling served by "Sinantissi" for many years, through the promotion of local tastes and Greek hospitality.

"Sinantissi" is open from 9.00 am to the early hours every day. Tel: +30 22870 51801
Free Wi – Fi spot.

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