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Route 5

Route: Horio - Ellinika


Duration: 2 hours


Degree of difficulty: easy


Starting at the church of  Ag. Haralampos, you set off along the asphalt road that leads to the port.  Take the second turning on the right and immediately afterwards turn left, following  the brown arrows. The route  follows a paved path that in places has been replaced by a dirt road, with splendid views of the beaches in the south of the island.

It’s well worth stopping to see the chapel of Ag. Panteleimonas and to admire the landscape. Roughly 600 metres further on, the path bears to the left and you come to the asphalt road. Turn right  and at the second bend before the road begins to go uphill, you turn left onto the next path. Continue until you reach Dekas beach. Beyond Dekas is Ellinika, and then Mavrospilia.

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Text and photos: Kimolos Environmental Team

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