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Kimolos Festivities

The most important religious celebrations in the island  are:

  • ΕορτασμόςAugust,15th :”Kimissi Theotokou” (The Assumption). The celebration begins on August 1 with daily and evening prayers in the cathedral of “Panagia Odigitria” (Virgin Mary}. Once on the island on August 14th and 15th , go to church. Don't miss this experience. You will not regret it.
  • October, 5th: Celebration to the memory of St. Methodia of Kimolos.
  • November, 21th: The  people of Kimolos and the Cathedral church celebrate  the patroness of the island “Panagia Odigitria”.

No matter  the time of the year you come to Kimolos, you will always have the opportunity to have the  experience of celebrating with the residents, at a church of Kimolos.

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