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Flora & Fauna of Kimolos



Στην είσοδο του ΧωριούOver 400 common and rare Mediterranean species are recorded in the natural vegetation of the island . Among them many aromatic and medicinal plants.

Bushes, myrtle, thyme, cedar, sand lilies, capers, wild honeysuckle, rushes and reeds are some of the most recognizable, along with the olives, figs and vines paint a landscape much greener than what a visitor expects to meet in a waterless Cycladic island.

ΦραγκοσυκιάAnother species that in fact is foreign to the island although it grows everywhere , are the prickly pear plant. In August you have the opportunity to try some of the most delicious prickly pear fruits of Greece.






φώκια Monachus – monachusThe monk seal Monachus – monachus , the endemic blue lizard Podarcis milensis and the endemic red viper Macrovipera schweizeri testify to the uniqueness of the natural environment of Kimolos , but they are not the only ones.

Falcons , shags, partridges, seagulls, pigeons, passerines, and a number of other endemic birds , are the permanent winged inhabitants of the island. Herons, swans , various kinds of skalidron (Calidris sp.) and other migratory species are hosted until late spring , at the salt pan of Alyki.

ΘαλασσοκόρακεςRare sea urchins, corals, lobsters, scallops adorn the bottom of the sea and many species of fish find refuge in the meadows of Posidonia. The presence of marine turtles is often in the sea and on the sandy beaches.


Monk seal (video)

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