Polyegos island

Kimolos: Polyegos island

Polyegos is a small isle ,half the size of Kimolos and at a short distance, (1 mile). Administratively It belongs to Kimolos. This is the best preserved geological island in the Aegean. The vegetation of the island (mainly maquis and brushwood) grows smoothly  and undisturbed  with its animal wealth (seal Monachus-monachus, rare reptiles and birds, goats, etc.).

Polyegos is particularly important scientifically and ecologically and has joined the  Natura 2000 European project.

In the center of the isle , there  is a small valley with an old settlement and an old, open cast mine of baryte.There is a church of “Kimissis Theotokou”  (Assumption), which was part of a  monastery  founded in 1622 , now lying in ruins.

There are plenty of beaches  for visitors to swim . Once on the island, you can swim at Pano Mersini, at Kato Mersini , at Armoura or at Panagias Avlaki. Visit  the lighthouse and  Diamantospilia (a cave with fine crystal quartz and other nice minerals). If you are lucky, you will meet some flocks of wild goats. Sail around the island with a boat .
It will be unforgetable!!!