Kimolos: The Churches

Despite its small size, Kimolos is full of churches.

More than eighty churches are scattered all over the island, witness the faith and religious feeling of the people of the island.

Many are truly unique for their architectural value and  their icons.

Most of the churches of Kimolos were built in XVI and XVII century,  and according to reports of travelers of that  period, the churches had bells  then.

Eight churches are protected by the Ministry of Culture. One of them, ”Gennissi tou Christou” (the Birth of Christ) (1592) is located in the inner Castle, six  are around the castle, “Chrysostomos” (St. John Chrysostom),  “Panagia Konomou” (Virgin Mary), “Taxiarches”  (Archangel), “Chrysopigi” (Virgin Mary, the source of life), ”Sotira” (Christ, the Saviour), “Agii Anargiri”  and the eighth, “Pantokrator” is on the top of the  Xaplovouni hill.