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Taste and buy from Kimolos


Κίμωλος - Παξιμάδια με σκινόκοκοLocal delicacies like “Ladenia”, “Tyrenia”, rusks with P. lentiscus fruits can be found at the bakeries.


“Ladenia”, “Tyrenia”, fresh made pasta, “Manoura” cheese, “Xyno” cheese, local cheese pies, local vegetables, meat and fish are served at the restaurants.

Κίμωλος - Κιμωλιάτικο αγγουράκι

You can buy honey, caper, tomato paste, sun – dried tomatoes and Kimolian cucumber from the stores or the producers themselves.

You can also buy handmade jewelry and pottery, decorative objects and painting.







papadioulis-mini-market-engokimolos - Pame kimolo - Koumpi - Men’s and women’s wear, bathing suits, shoes, Jewells, Women’s accessories - Kimolos - Cyclades

gokimolos - Pame kimolo - "MOUSTAKAS" Beekeeping, Honey, Chorio, Kimolos - Cyclades, Greece,              




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