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gokimolos - Pame kimolo - « α γ ο ρ ά » (agora) Cocktail Bar, Chorio,  Kimolos - Cyclades, Greece, gokimolos.grgokimolos - Pame kimolo - « α γ ο ρ ά » (agora) Cocktail Bar, Chorio,  Kimolos - Cyclades, Greece, gokimolos.gr

Ventouris Gerasimos & Panagiotis


  • Yoghurt with Kimolian honey
  • Traditional scrambled eggs
    and more Kimolian delicacies


  • Toasted and club sandwich
  • Salted crepes
  • Tortilla wraps
  • Bruschettas


  • Traditional
  • Egg salad
  • Macaroni
  • Green - chicken
  • Salmon & caper leaves


  • For ouzo – tsipouro
  • For beer – wine
  • Assortment of cheese/turkey/salami


  • Banoffee
  • Panacota
  • Cheesecake crepe
  • Apple, peach, chocolate crepe
  • Fruit salad

What to drink

  • Coffee- chocolate – tea
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit juices – sorbets
  • Wine – beer
  • Spirits
  • Funky cocktails

Free Wi - fi spot

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Kimolos - Chorio
« α γ ο ρ ά » (agora)
Cocktail bar

gokimolos - Pame kimolo - « α γ ο ρ ά » (agora) Cocktail Bar, Chorio,  Kimolos - Cyclades, Greece, gokimolos.gr“AGORA”! The place to be this summer, right in the middle of Agora, next to the Castle, because every summer night is precious and requires an equivalent experience!

Combining the Castle's unique, time-traveling scenery with its simple and relaxing design, “AGORA” offers a place to spend your whole day.

Enjoy delicious, gourmet dishes with slight Kimolian additions, created by our chef, either on their own or as an accompaniment to your drink. Or, select one of our yummy sweets, for a wonderful experience.

But it’s not only about “AGORA”'s dishes. Pick your drink from our wine shop, try well – known cocktails with funky additions, fresh fruits, handmade syrups and more funky stuff that you have never tried before.

As the clock ticks down to dawn, you will experience more pleasant moments. So, “let the music play”, as our DJ picks some of the best songs for you.

And if you stay here till morning? Don't worry: the morning is the start for another bright summer day! Have a delicious Kimolian breakfast and keep
on with your vacations.

Operation Period: June – September,

Open from 10am to… (who knows?)

Free WiFi spot

Tel: +306948803449, +306942466937