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“To melaki” (honey) is a 300 beehives’ contemporary apiary located at St. Fotini, Kimolos island.

sweet childhood story lies behind its simple name: as a kid, Kostas loved bees. When he grew up, he studied beekeeping at the, well known, American Farm School in Thessaloniki. When Kostas met his future wife, Lena, he transferred his passion about bees to her and today, their daughter, Irene, is following her dad’s steps.

“To melaki” produces honey that features all of nature’s rich scents: lavender, heather, ladania, chamomile, thyme, along with many other herbs contribute their therapeutic properties to its unique taste.

Apart from honey, the apiary also produces pollen, beeswax cream, royal jelly and propolis.

You can also order top quality sesame seed candy (pasteli) and honey in small packages, to offer as a treat or in social occasions.

Available in wholesale – retail sale.
Delivery anywhere in Greece

Contact and orders:
Tel.: +30 6987233089 and viber
E-mail: &

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Unit specs

Beehives: 300



Beeswax cream

Royal jelly


Sesame seed candy (pasteli)

Available in wholesale – retail sale
Delivery anywhere in Greece

Manager: Helen Kyparissi

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