Walking routes for nature lovers

There are two ways to reach Skiadi:

  1. Setting out from the northern exit of Chorio, at Lebounia, take the road to Xevri. Go on, until you reach the church of Profitis Elias (ekso). In the middle of the way between Profitis Elias (ekso) and Profitis Elias (mesa) lies the start of an old path which will take you to Skiadi within 30′ – 35′. The path is indicated by arrows on the rocks. The blue arrows lead to Skiadi, the red ones lead to Paliokastro acropolis. Total walking time: 70′ – 90′. You may go by car from Chorio to the beginning of the path.
  2. Although it is a longer distance, it can be a better way if you go by car. Drive from Chorio to the Agios Minas church. Turn left to Kafkares, Agia Ekaterini, Profitis Elias (mesa). Go on until you meet the path in the middle of the way between Profitis Elias (ekso) and Profitis Elias (mesa). Go on as in the previous way.
    Skiadi is a unique Geological Monument. Its formation by the wind took thousands of years. So, please don’t try to climb on it or take pieces of the rock.

Walk from the church of St. Efstathios at the north exit of Chorio, to the St Athanassios one to have a nice view to the terraces, or follow the downhill path to the old stone bridge at Panoklima seasonal flow.

(The texts and maps that will follow come from an environmental project of high school students from Kimolos.)

Why should I go walking?

The walks suggested will allow you to visit  the whole island and to visit places which cannot be reached by car and, walking at your own pace, you will be able to see the island in close-up.

I ‘m not a climber, will I make it?

The routes are suitable for average walkers and the highest you will climb is 350m. You will need solid footwear, as the paths are stony and sometimes rough.

What season is best for walking on Kimolos?

Each season has its charm, but the best time to walk on the island is the spring. The hills are bright green and covered with every colour of  flower. In  summer, you should set out early, so as to walk before the hottest part of the day, when the best place to be is on the beach.

What should I take with me?

Plenty of  water and something to eat. Wear comfortable long trousers and walking boots. AVOID  SHOES WHICH DON’T COVER YOUR WHOLE FOOT and of course take a hat and sun tan oil. Don’t forget the walking guide, even if on Kimolos, almost everywhere there are people to ask the way from if  you are lost.

Special advice:

If it is summertime,  don’t forget to take your swimsuit because all the routes lead to fine beaches. At the end of each walk, except for the first, you can return by water taxi or fishing boat (“kaiki”), as long as you have arranged it in advance. You should confirm on the day that the weather will allow the trip.  You won’t have to walk back the same way and you will be able to see the magnificent coastal  scenery of the two islands.

Walking routes for nature lovers

Select one of the following routes
(Text and photos: Kimolos Highschool Environmental Team)

Route 1

  • Horio - Xaplovouni - Ag. Nikolas - Karras - Goupa

    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Degree of difficulty: Easy

Route 2

  • Horio - Skiadi - Mavrospilia

    • Duration: 3 hours
    • Degree of difficulty: easy up to Skiadi, then medium

Route 3

  • Horio - Paleokastro - Agioklima

    • Duration: 3,5 hours
    • Degree of difficulty: medium to difficult

Route 4

  • Horio - Monasteria - Soufi

    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Degree of difficulty: easy

Route 5

  • Route: Horio - Ellinika

    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Degree of difficulty: easy

Route 6

  • Epano Mirsini to Faros (Polyaigos)

    • Duration: 3,5 hours
    • Degree of difficulty: difficult

Download Kimolos and Polyaigos map here

Download walking guide (pdf in Greek language) here