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Kimolos – Milos – Kimolos

Two Islands which the ferry boat “OSIA METHODIA” connects daily from Pollonia (Milos) to Psathi (Kimolos) in approximately 20 minutes transporting quickly, reliable and safely passengers and vehicles, winter and summer.

The company and its crew give emphasis on the quality of its provided services and the protection of the environment.

Let’s go to Kimolos from Pollonia!

Travel with the daily itineraries of the ferry boat “OSIA METHODIA”.
Realize daily excursion with low cost but with a great pleasure.

The itineraries are designed with several hours stay daily on both Islands respectively.

During your stay in Kimolos you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, the wonderful village (Chorio), the Castle (Kastro) and also the Archeological Museum and the Folk and Maritime Museum of the Island.

Tel.: 6948308758

For ship itineraries click here and here


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