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“Arzantiera” – the name pirates and European sailors gave to Kimolos during the Venician occupation, charmed by its silver rocks appearing as they sailed near its harbor.
Arzantiera” – the name of two elegant shops, one across the other, in Agora Street, close to the Castle’s Kato Porta.

“Arzantiera” Art Gallery is housed in a renovated building in Kastro (castle), near its Kato Porta (southern entrance), at Chorio, Kimolos.
The steady, stone walls hold a wide collection of handmade creations: jewelry, painting, decorative objects, accessories, pottery and art crafts of some well known artists.

“Arzantiera” Boutique is based on the old Agora (Greek for market) building, which, for 70 years, was home to the oldest groceries’ store of the island. Following a careful renovation, with respect to its unique character and the island’s minimalistic style, the building is now one of the most beautiful ones in Agora.
It has a collection of well-known, trusted brands, as well as quality creations from Greek artists, and aims at providing unique, summery looks with an Aegean “aura”, at reasonable prices

In “Arzantiera” you will also find the traditional children game of Kimolos, the little tin boat, which relieves Kimolos’ tradition in a unique, spectacular way.


Open: May 18th – October 30th,
9:30 – 14:30 and 18:30 – …. everyday.
Tel.: + 3022870 51588, +306974827583
E-mail: [email protected]
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Xanthi Goulimi

Painter, fashion designer, decorator, stylist.
She is in on personal and collective art exhibitions.
Xanthi,has got two art galleries named “ARZANTIERA”  in Kimolos island, Cyclades and Aegina island, Attica.
She paints island landscape on old, wooden doors and shutters and portraits on old boards. She also makes youthful jewels and lovely decorative objects.
Her stylistic talent is expressed at “Arzantiera” in an ideal way.


Xanthi Goulimi

Sofia Simeonidou




just for you


Reppa Vagia

Reppa Georgia

Kokkalis Dimosthenis

Pardali Konstantina

It's all, oh so souvenir to me!

Managing Directors: Flora Ramfou – Konstantinos Dimou

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